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What's Going on at INPRIS?

Cooperation or clash in defense of the rule of law. Legal Think Tanks and Governments

INPRIS has published Country Reports and Comparative Report as part of the project dedicated to the cooperation of Legal Think Tanks and Governments

Polish Supreme Court and the Presidential Draft

13 October 2017. Polish Supreme Court comments on the presidential draft of the Act on the Supreme Court (English version).

Experts, analysts or freedom fighters?

5 October 2017. “How Legal Think Tanks provide, or fail to provide, knowledge to governments in Central and Eastern Europe” - is the new policy paper by INPRIS.

LEX SUPER OMNIA: Resolution of 27 May 2017

29 May 2017. LEX SUPER OMNIA, an association of 150 prosecutors expressed strong opposition to the current role and governance of the prosecution service in Poland. INPRIS translated the document from Polish.

INPRIS publication - NGOs and the Judiciary

The new publication 'NGOs and the judiciary – watch dog activities, interactions, collaboration, communication' (eds. Łukasz Bojarski i Ewelina Tylec) is now available.

Country workshops in the Balkans – NGOs and the Judiciary

30 May 2016. In the framework of the project ‘NGOs and the Judiciary’ three partner organizations from the Balkans conducted country workshops in order to present the outcomes of the project and to provide a platform for discussion on the local level.

NGOs and the Judiciary – Country Reports

30 May 2016. We are pleased to share with you Country Reports drafted in the framework of the project ‘NGOs and the Judiciary’ ,

Latest news and articles about the Polish Constitutional Tribunal

11 December 2015. INPRIS presents news, articles as well as its actions undertaken with regards to the current situation in Poland.

Legal think tanks and government – INPRIS starts implementation of a new project

10 December 2015. We are pleased to inform that INPRIS, together with partner organizations, has started implementation of the project "Legal think tanks and government - capacity building".