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Supreme Court Justice explains to citizens why she is retiring

10 May 2018. The judge of the Supreme Court, Dorota Rysińska, took advantage of the possibilities offered by the new law on the Supreme Court and retired. This is another person who chooses this solution, despite being at an age that allows her to hold the office for another two and a half years.

The judge's decision differs, however, from previous resignations in similar circumstances - it was reasoned with the intention of passing this information on to citizens, like Łukasz Bojarski, the president of INPRIS, who wrote directly to all SC judges asking them to stay in court, and to continue to guard our rights. 

INPRIS for a long time, lately however especially strongly, calls for better communication between judges and citizens, for justifying their choices. It brings fruits. Let it be another example of a new trend, initiated earlier by Justice Stanisław Zabłocki. 

Although we are not happy with decision to leave the judicial bench, still we appreciate the explanations prepared and sent to citizens. 

The letter is available of the SC website.