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Supreme Court Justice explains to citizens why she is retiring

10 May 2018. The judge of the Supreme Court, Dorota Rysińska, took advantage of the possibilities offered by the new law on the Supreme Court and retired. This is another person who chooses this solution, despite being at an age that allows her to hold the office for another two and a half years.

20 years of clinical moovement in Poland, 15 years of Legal Clinics Foundation, 10 years of Pro Bono Center

29 March 2018. A conference celebrating the three anniversaries related to the clinical movement was held today in Staszic Palace in Warsaw.

International meeting of judges - we talk about the situation in Poland

23 March 2018. In Prague, at the headquarters of the CEELI Institute (beautiful villa Grebovka), a three-day meeting of judges from many countries takes place. We talk about what is happening in Poland.

Election of judges to the National Council of the Judiciary. Sejm transparently but in secret....

5 march 2018. A statement of INPRIS and HFHR on the appointment of members of the National Council of the Judiciary

Why do we need opposition?

19 December 2017. We recommend the article written by INPRIS staff on the role and tasks of the opposition in the discussion on the reform of the justice system

The Group of Legal Expert at the Stefan Batory Foundation appeals to the President of Poland

15 December 2017. The Group appeals to the President to veto Acts of Parliament finally passed today - on the Supreme Court and the National Council of the Judiciary - that manifestly break the Constitution

Annual Gala and the Professor Hołda's Award

15 December 2017. The winners of the annual award are Prof. Adam Strzembosz and social movement Obywatele RP (Citizens of Republic of Poland)

A day of sadness and scandal. Polish authorities break the Constitution

15 December 2017. The Senate approved the bill, without amendment, on the Supreme Court and the National Judicial Council