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What's Going on at INPRIS?

JURIX - law and information technology

12 December 2014. Today, the two-day “27th International Conference JURIX Legal Knowledge and Information Systems” has just ended. The event, organized by the Foundation for Legal Knowledge Based Systems, was held at Jagiellonian University. This is one of the most important events devoted to the law, computer science, new technologies and artificial intelligence.

Thinking of Four Countries: Afghanistan, U.S., Poland, Ukraine

7 April 2014. We are looking forward to the results of the presidential elections in Afghanistan from last Saturday. Despite all the failures of the West’s efforts in Afghanistan, the election makes the first non-violent transition of government in decades. Poland has it's share in the development. Yet many Poles nowadays pay more attention to Ukraine.

INPRIS at the “Rolling Back The Rollback” Forum in Budapest

7 April 2014. The School of Public Policy in Budapest organizes “Rolling Back The Rollback” forum. Based on a prior analysis of anti-democratic trends in Europe, the “Rolling Back The Rollback” forum will examine possible responses to the rollback of democracy and open societies. The participants will try to answer questions how some of the anti-democratic processes can be reversed, and how further erosion of the foundations of open societies can be prevented.

Legal Education in the English-Speaking World: Lessons for Poland

4 April 2014. One of the points most strongly emphasized by the Conference on Legal Opinions and the Effectiveness of the Judiciary of the Republic of Poland, organized and held by INPRIS and the THEMIS Judges’ Association this past October at the Supreme Court of Poland, was the vital importance of high-quality legal culture in assuring the proper functioning of the judiciary of a modern and tolerant democratic state and society.

INPRIS Completes The “Academy of Legislative Skills for NGOs” Project

31 December 2013. The main objective of INPRIS’ recently completed “Academy of Legislative Skills for NGOs” project was to improve the skills and knowledge of civil society organizations and citizens as regards the legislative process in Poland.

INPRIS at the Equality Law Seminar in Brussels

29 November 2013. Recently, INPRIS participated in the Equality Law: What Kind of Equality Conference, an annual legal seminar devoted to the legal issues of anti-discrimination and equal treatment. This year’s seminar took place in Brussels.

Getting Robbed of Privacy in Order to Save Lives Lost in Speeding Accidents

13 November 2013. Professor Holda Association is launching the second edition of the Moot Court on Polish Constitutional Law. This year, students and young lawyers will discuss the intersection of traffic laws, technology, and privacy.

INPRIS Chosen As “NGO of the Year” by the Polish Chamber of Solicitors

7 November 2013. The Polish Chamber of Solicitors has recently honored INPRIS by bestowing it with the title of “NGO of the Year”, during an award ceremony on the first day of National Convention of Solicitors.

Distinctions for the Founders of INPRIS

25 October 2013. In a ceremony held during the closing of the European Pro Bono Forum in Warsaw, representatives of the President of Poland and the Minister of Justice conferred state awards to individuals responsible for the development of civil society and pro bono organizations.