The Simulation of negotiations between Palestine and Israel on the distribution of shared water resources is completed

Learn below about the goals achieved, watch videos and see pictures from final negotiations as well as read materials and comments on the project from dr Magdalena Gołębiowska-Śmiałek, Jagoda Gandziarowska-Ziołecka and Wojciech Jarosiński.

We achieved the following goals:

(1) Simulation of an International Law Firm

Participants spent five months working in multidisciplinary teams composed of students from the faculty of law (University of Warsaw), and economy (Warsaw Business School). They worked in contact with their coaches: Professor Shimon Shetreet (Israel); Fuad Bateh and Michael Talhami (Palestine). They learned mechanics of emissions market from Pawel Mzyk (deputy director at Polish emissions’ regulatory body).

During the 5 months of the Project, our Participants:

  • worked in multidisciplinary teams
  • exchanged hundreds of emails on the substance of negotiations
  • drafted contracts and mark-ups
  • organized working meetings with the other team
  • ran teleconferences with experts

(2) Games and Exercises

Apart from substantive work, Participants took intensive training in negotiations. Sessions on negotiations were conducted through playing games offered by our Main Partner - Pracownia Gier Szkoleniowych, namely:

  • The New Commons Game
  • The Strike Fighter
  • The Square Deal

Additonally, students attended workshops run by our experts, incl. Wayne Schmidt, Ph.D., and Marcin Maruta, Esq., Witold Siekierzyński and dr Sergiusz Trzeciak.

For the final talks, Participants drove to the Negotiation Retreat 160 km outside of Warsaw. Here you can view pictures from the final negotiations. Final negotiations were sponsored by the SGH Corporate Partners Club.

See short interviews with Participants during, and after the talks:

After the whole day spent on talks, Participants signed the Declaration. Read the text.

Here you can read the comments on the Declaration by dr Magdalena Gołebiowska-Smialek. Dr Golebiowska is one of our Experts. She joined the Participants in the final talks, and directly coached the Israeli team.

Successful completion of the Project gave Participants knowledge on politics and interests in the Middle East, the CO2 market, water and international law of non-navigable watercourses, international contracts. Participant gained skills in negotiating contracts, legal and economic research.

Here you can access a document with students’ comments on the project (Polish).

Finally, follow this link to see a presentation on the INPRIS Water Project prepared by Jagoda Gandziarowska-Ziołecka and Wojciech Jarosiński for The International Simulation and Gaming Association 2011 Conference.