Alphabetical order. Follow link under last name to see full bio

Fuad Bateh. Senior expert for the Palestinians in water negotiations policy, legal and strategic advisor to the Chairman of the Palestinian Water Authority.

Jagoda Gandziarowska-Ziołecka (and Team). Expert on designing and managing educational games for businesses, NGOs, and government from a professional game design company (PGS).

Dr Magdalena Gołębiowska-Śmiałek. Political scientist with interest in the Middle Eastern affairs, and global competition for natural resources. Lecturer at the Jagiellonian University.

Włodzimierz Grudziński. Manager and business consultant, former president of a bank, with interest in education, social work, and mathematical analysis of games.

KASHUE-KOBiZE. The National Administration of the Emission Trading Scheme in Poland (KASHUE) and The National Centre for Emissions Management (KOBiZE). This is a central government agency responsible for registration of the emissions in Poland, and operating the market for them.

Marcin Maruta, Esq. Polish business lawyer with passion for education and negotiation deal-making in innovative sectors of the economy; lecturer at the IT Department of the University of Warsaw.

Michael Manolson. Former Executive Director of Greenpeace Canada; now senior business consultant with focus on Change in complex organizational settings.

Wayne Schmidt, Ph.D, U.S. Foreign Service Officer with professional interest and expertize in trainings for diplomats and educational games.

Professor Shimon Shetreet is a professor of law, and held several ministerial positions in Israel: for economics and planning, for science and technology, and for religious affairs. Professor Shetreet is the proponent of the solution of the water problem under the Kyoto rules.

Michael Talhami, water policy advisor specialized in water diplomacy, negotiations and management, he currently provides advisory services to the Palestinian Water Authority