INPRIS Water Project

EXPERT: Professor Shimon Shetreet

Israeli former minister and professor of law opting for solution of the water problem under Kyoto rules

Professor of Law at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. Professor Shetreet holds the Greenblatt chair of public and international law and is the head of the Sacher Institute of Legislative Research and Comparative Law.

Professor Shetreet is the author of “Water and Culture of Peace: Adopting a Kyoto Protocol Model”, in: The Israel Journal Of Foreign Affairs, 2008/5768 which provided inspiration for the INPRIS Water Negotiation Project.

Professor Shetreet held high public offices. Between 1988 and 1996 he served as Member of the Knesset. His past government positions include a cabinet Minister in the Rabin Government where  he served as Minister of Economy and Planning, Minister of Science and Technology, Minister in charge of the Second Television and Radio Authority and Minister of Religious Affairs. He also held in Israel high business positions including member of the board of Bank Leumi and Chairman of the Board of Mishaan.

Professor Shimon Shetreet began his legal career as Clerk to Mr. Justice Witkon of the Supreme Court of Israel, 1967. He was admitted to the Israeli Bar Association, 1969; was Member of the Chief Justice Landau Commission on the Israeli Court System, 1980; was a Founder Secretary General of the Public Law Association (1987-1992); and a Judge on the Standard Contract Court (1981-1988). He is President of the Israeli Chapter of the International Association of Constitutional Law.

Professor Shetreet is an author and editor of a number of books, including "Judges on Trial" (1976), "Judicial Independence: The Contemporary Debate" (1985), "The Role of Courts in Society" (1988), "National Security and Free Speech" (1991),"Pioneers in Tears: Anthology on North African Jewry" (1991), "Justice in Israel" (1994), "Women in Law"(1998), "The Good Land between Power and Religion" (1998), "Law and Social Pluralism" (2002), and “On Adjudication” (2004).

Professor Shetreet’s book “Judges on Trial: A Study of the Appointment and the Accountability of the English Judiciary” was relied upon by the House of Lords in the Pinochet Case in January 1999.

On the international level Professor Shetreet served as General Coordinator, International Bar association Project for Minimum Standards of Judicial Independence (1980-1982); Speaker, General Rapporteur and Chairman in numerous legal international conferences of leading academic and professional organizations, including: International Bar Association, First World Conference on the Independence of Justice; Congress of Comparative Law and  International Association  Association on Procedural Law.