INPRIS Water Negotiation Project: Project Proposal for Students of Law and Business

25 November 2010. We introduced the students of the Warsaw School of Economics (SGH) and of the University of Warsaw Law Faculty (UW) to the idea of the INPRIS Water Negotiation Project.

The presentation was attended by students and some of our experts: Jagoda Gandziarowska-Ziołecka (PGS), Agata Wacławik-Wejman, Marcin Maruta (of MARUTA).

The idea behind the Exercise is the enhancement of practical education at Polish universities. Students who sign up for the project, will be asked to form interdisciplinary teams (students of the law school will mix with students of the business school). They will negotiate an agreement on the distribution of the common water resources shared among Israel, Jordan and Palestine.

The topic is inspired by the work of the 2009 Nobel Prize winner, Elinor Ostrom. The scenario embodies the rules governing trade in greenhouse gases under the Kyoto Protocol, and seeks to apply them to distribution of shared water resources, as proposed in literature by Professor Shimon Shetreet. (Shimon Shetreet: Water and The Culture of Peace: Adopting a Kyoto Protocol Model, THE ISRAEL JOURNAL OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS, Volume 2 Number 1, 2008/5768).

Our Partners for the Exercise are: PGS (a company specialized in designing and managing educational games - our Main Partner) and the Student Study Group on International Finance at SGH.

We have formed a network of Polish and foreign experts around the idea for the exercise. If we launch the project, the experts will work with students on issues of Middle East politics, water, diplomacy, negotiation techniques, emissions trade. At the moment we are verifying the interest of students in the project.

Authors of the project: Wojciech Jarosiński, Filip Wejman.