INPRIS Water Project at 2011 ISAGA Conference

12 July 2011. Wojciech Jarosiński, together with Jagoda Gandziarowska-Ziołecka (PGS) presented the INPRIS Water Negotiation Project at the 42nd Conference of The International Simulation and Gaming Association (ISAGA).

ISAGA is an international platform for networking, knowledge exchange and inspiration for people active in the wide area of gaming, as well as in education, business and public governance.

Jagoda and Wojciech presented the architecture and outcome of the INPRIS Water Negotiation Project. The Project, which was a simulation supported by a set of games, was offered to students of the Warsaw School of Economics, and law students of the University of Warsaw, this year. The objective of participants was to negotiate a contract for distribution of shared water resources between Israel and Palestine. Read more here.

Jagoda and Wojciech together with David Begbie from the CrossRoads Foundation joined “Gaming for cooperation. How to make a better world” – thematic session chaired by Joanna Średnicka (PGS), Piotr Magnuszewski and Felicjan Rydzak (Centre for Systems Solutions). See presentation of Jagoda and Wojciech here.