INPRIS Water Project: fundamentals of water market

March, 10, 2011. Participants of INPRIS Water Negotiation Project met with Mr. Pawel Mzyk, Deputy Director of KASHUE-KOBiZE. KASUE-KOBiZE is a government agency responsible for registration and operating of the emissions’ market in Poland.

Mr. Pawel Myzk provided students with information on the basics of the emissions’ market. That market is the base for the agreement between Israel and Palestine, under Professor’s Shetreet proposal. Students together with Mr. Mzyk worked on questions addressing the supply and demand aspects of the emissions’ market; rights to use the resources received from the sale of the rights to emissions; rules of access to the market; and incentives promoting clean investments.

It was first of a series of meetings scheduled with KASHUE-KOBiZE. Next meeting is planned for March, 18. Students will investigate Joint Implementation and Clean Development Mechanisms.