Negotiation 101 in INPRIS Water Project.

14 May 2011. INPRIS Water Negotiation Project gets a professional negotiation touch from Witold Siekierzyński.

Students – Participants of our simulation have just a week left to the final negotiations in the project. Next weekend, they will be driven to an outback to participate in negotiations over the contracts they were preparing for last two months.

Currently, every single night is a witness of torrent of emails exchanged inside the teams. Different solutions are discussed, tested and analyzed in the light of the other’s side interests.

However, today students spared some time to have a look on where they are in terms of formal preparations for negotiations. They took part in a workshop organized by Mr. Witold Siekierzyński. Mr. Siekierzyński begun the exercise by asking everybody to communicate using just name forms (uncommon in Poland). Later on, he explained that is was an example of an area (i.e. social environment) which can be influenced, or controlled by negotiators. Above other things, he also talked about two other areas under the control of negotiators: knowledge and emotions.

Teams gathered for the workshop separately, in order to have an opportunity to instantly see if outlined strategies will apply to their strategies. If the exercise was applied effectively, shall be seen next Saturday.