Playing Money

6 April 2011. Students of the INPRIS Water Negotiation Projects negotiated transactions in a sophisticated bankruptcy game designed by Pracownia Gier Szkoleniowych.

PHOTO: Joanna, the co-author of the game, discussing the results with students.

by Filip Wejman

This was the most challenging game that our students played with PGS so far. Teams were representing a large troubled company and its creditors in the prospect of bankruptcy. Negotiations over the agreement were moderated and commented by Joanna Srednicka, Filip Tomaszewski and our excellent expert negotiator Witold Rychłowski

It was quite competitive if you want to know. I mean, it was really competitive! I am not sure if it was the rules of the game or the sexy topic, but something drove the players to press real hard for the interest of their clients plus there was some debate about the results.

One team thought they ought to receive a higher score. I can't make a judgment if they were right. I think the lesson from this part is communication. It's good if people are able to voice their demands without being confrontational. Our workshop is about communication to a large extent. The problem between Israel and Palestine is not only that they have conflicting interest but also that they have obstacles in talking to each other.

This Wednesday we have seen that bankruptcy is a dark playground, even when simplified towards a game, and it can pump emotions. The best thing for me would be if the team challenging the results could make an elegant, compelling case without losing the coolness factor.

How not to lose the coolness factor?

Well... Ask this guy. We have arranged that he will share his vast negotiation experience with students next Wednesday, April 13.