INPRIS Water Project is fourth negotiation exercise prepared by Filip Wejman, and Wojciech Jarosinski. Three previous programs were prepared for the students of the American Law Program at the Jagiellonian University

2008 Negotiation Workshop with GESSEL

In cooperation with GESSEL (now: GESSEL, KOZIOROWSKI, sp. k.), a well established law firm, we launched a workshop on negotiating corporate transactions. The topic was an acquisition of shares in a company. Students made up two teams, and worked with lawyers from JU, GESSEL Law Firm, and with business consultants from CambridgePython. The draft contract was provided by GESSEL. Students had one month to work on it, and prepare the strategy for the simulated negotiations in which they closed the deal.


2008 Shetreet-Government-Game

Students, divided in five groups which represented Knesset parties: Kadima, Labour Party, Shas, United Torah Judaisim and Gil, played the scenario based on Ms. Livini futile attempt to form a government. Professor Shetreet provided students with a wonderful insight of the political structure of the Israeli government, as well as described brilliant negotiation methods used in everyday political struggle. Students reached the agreement and signed the contract establishing rules of cooperation.

More: details of the final (EN)

2009 Negotiation Workshop with Leśnodorski, Ślusarek i Wspólnicy and Maruta i Wspólnicy

In Spring 2009, we invited students to work on the complexity of the IT law. The scenario for the simulation was crafted around the construction and installation of a website which was supposed to provide Kofte (a major producer and distributor of chicks) with new routes of contracting with clients.

The task of each team was to draft and negotiate a contract suitable for its client. This process was divided in two stages. First — the drafting stage — finished after one month. Teams sent their drafts to the organizers who picked the best parts and prepared the common draft contract. Then, in stage two — the negotiation stage — the common draft contract became the text for talks.


We had a pleasure to prepare those programs in the cooperation with the following experts:

alphabetical order

  • Louis Barracato,
  • Margaret Barry,
  • Roman Bieda,
  • Janina Czapska,
  • Szymon Czyszek,
  • Sarah Duggin,
  • Beata Gessel,
  • Magdalena Gołębiowska-Śmiałek,
  • Marcin Huczkowski,
  • Catherine Klein,
  • Maciej Kożuchowski,
  • Maciej Kubiak,
  • Gary Lachman,
  • Marcin Maruta,
  • Arthur Masny,
  • Faith Mullen,
  • Krzysztof Oplustil,
  • Arkadiusz Radwan,
  • Shimon Shetreet,
  • Marcin Spyra,
  • Agata Wacławik-Wejman.