Lukasz Bojarski

Member of the Supervisory Board, Co-founder of INPRIS, before member and President of the Management Board.

Juris Doctor, University of Oslo (2023) based on the dissertation "Judicial Resistance against the Rule of Law Backsliding — Judges and Citizens — the case of Poland".

Expert of Polish and international institutions (including European Commission, OSCE, Council of Europe, academia, private foundations including Stefan Batory Foundation, Open Society Institute).

Co-founder, member of the Board of the Polish Legal Clinics Foundation FUPP, Chairman 2002-2019.

Polish expert on the European Network of Legal Experts in the Non-discrimination field.

Founding member (2010) of the Stowarzyszenia im. Prof. Zbigniewa Hołdy

Founding member (2018) of the Justice Defence Committee KOS. 

Member of the Team of Legal Experts of the Stefan Batory Foundation.

Before: Research scholar at the Faculty of Law, the University of Oslo (2019-2023). Member of the National Council of the Judiciary of Poland, appointed by the President of Poland (09.2010-09.2015). Member of the Board of Directors of PILnet- The Global Network for Public Interest Law (2008-2016). Employee of the Helsinki Foundation of Human Rights in the years 1998-2010. Member of the Experts Council of the „Citizen and the Law” (Obywatel i Prawo) program of the Polish-American Freedom Foundation (2005-2013), Member of the Committee on the Efficiency of Justice in the Ministry of Justice. Member of the Editorial Board of the „National Council of the Judiciary. Quarterly”, member of the Editorial Board of the „Na wokandzie. Quarterly”. 

Fields of interest: judiciary, legal services, legal profession, legal education, non-discrimination, human rights.

Author of the reform proposals on the access to legal aid and the legal profession. Author of numerous publications on the judiciary, access to justice and interactive innovative methods in legal education.

See list of main publications at:ŁukaszBojarski.


Golden Cross of Merit, awarded by President of Poland

Medal Zasłużony dla Wymiaru Sprawiedliwości – Bene Merentibus Iustitiae – awarded by the National Council of the Judiciary.

Contact: lukasz.bojarski at