Areas of interests of INPRIS

Projects of INPRIS currently focus on the following areas:

Legal and citizens advice. INPRIS together with four partner organizations (Ministry of Labour as a leading partner, Institute of Public Affairs, Legal Clinics Foundation and Union of Citizens Advice Bureaux) runs a project concerning the reform of the out of court legal advice system. The project consists of: research element (desk research including comparative aspect and empirical research) as well as building a proposal of development of a comprehensive and sustainable support mechanisms for primary legal aid delivery and educational, promotional activities. The key is the second, modeling phase as we call it (building a proposal of the model of systemic approach) where, based on the findings of the empirical research and desk research as well as previous attempts proposals for the reform will be formulated. More information about the project (in Polish)

Strengthening Legislative Process. INPRIS works on tools to support the social participation in the legislative process. The project is financed by the CEE Trust. Read more.

Citizen and the Law is a program of the Polish-American Freedom Foundation, operated since 2002 by the Institute for Public Affairs (ISP - Instytut Spraw Publicznych). The objective is facilitation of access to legal services and legal aid for the society, and assistance in activating the citizens to enforce their rights. One of the key elements of the program are the contributions from the Expert Council.  The task of the Council is to offer recommendations as regards access of citizens to legal services and legal aid. In cooperation with the Institute for Public Affairs, INPRIS provides research and administrative support for the Council, and bears the responsibility for carring out the projects formulated by the Council.

Monitoring.  In cooperation with other NGOs (Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights, Panoptykon, and the Polish Section of the International Commission of Jurists), INPRIS monitors elections to selected key public positions in Poland.  We have monitored the election process for the Justices of the Constitutional Court, for the Ombudsman, for the Chief Commissioner for Personal Data Protection (GIODO). Read more about OMX - our monitoring efforts.

The archive lists our completed projects.