Project description

The project concerns strengthening cooperation between NGOs and the judiciary in the Visegrad and Western Balkan countries. INPRIS, leader of the project, refers for instance to its project "Together or apart? Collaboration, interactions, communication of the Judiciary and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)". 

The aim of the project is to gather and share good practices in the area of cooperation between NGOs and judiciary, especially civic monitoring of judiciary, with focus on Western Balkans countries. We observe that NGOs are getting more and more involved in various activities related to the judiciary and many of these activities are forms of monitoring. We find it inspiring and useful to discover how this issue is addressed in other countries.

Possible civic activities include: monitoring of the judiciary by NGOs (of courts’ activities, communication with citizens, judges appointments), trial observations (court watch), strategic litigation, involvement of NGOs in court trials, amicus curiae, trainings and workshops for judges organized by expert NGOs, collaboration of NGOs with judges associations, NGOs as organizations educating citizens in about the judiciary.

The project can be divided into three phases – research, study visit in Poland combined with a seminar of all partners and workshops in Western Balkans.

The project is funded by International Visegrad Fund and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea.


[Translate to English:] W dniu rozprawy przed TSUE przypominamy o Karcie PP

[Translate to English:] 19 marca 2019. Dzisiaj przed Trybunałem Sprawiedliwości UE polska sprawa dotycząca Sądu Najwyższego i KRS. Przy tej okazji przypominamy o ciekawej stronie internetowej, którą wraz z partnerami stworzył INPRIS.

Prof. Hans Petter Graver on Judges under Stress – the Breaking Point of Judicial Institutions

28 December 2018. How do rulers seek judicial compliance with authoritarian measures, how do judges react to such measures, and what are the conditions under which an independent judiciary breaks down? Invitation to the seminar.

INPRIS and IUSTITIA in Białowieża

23 June 2018. We meet with judges for the last two seminars on the application of the Charter of Fundamental Rights.

Justice Defence Committee (KOS) is set up

On 4 June 2018 eight organizations set up KOS. INPRIS is among founders.

Manipulations in the Constitutional Tribunal

24 May 2018. The Expert Group, including the President of INPRIS Łukasz Bojarski, criticizes the manipulations regarding the composition of the adjudicating panels in the Constitutional Tribunal