The scope of the Project

1. Research study on the legal impact of the CFR As a first step a research study on the legal impact of the CFR will be conducted. The analysis will be composed by an evaluation of CFR provisions on legislation, practise and jurisprudence on the level of the nation state as well as on EU level both with a focus on social rights. The knowledge obtained will feed in to the more practical parts or the project and will be published in a book as well as in research papers to be presented at a final conference.  


2. Fundamental Rights Training Manual for judges, attorneys and other legal professionals Judges, lawyers and other legal professionals are those, who should use the provisions of the CFR in practise. Many of them however still lack knowledge about the scope and the concrete implications of CFR rights for their daily work. Taking into account, what is already taught in law schools and judicial academies, the project will develop a standardized training curriculum for making legal professionals competent for applying CFR rights in their professional practise. Pilot trainings in Austria, Italy, Poland and Croatia will help to draft a manual for legal professionals' education on CFR rights to be used EU wide.  


3. Information of civil society, NGOs and trade unions In order to guarantee for the CFR to be widely applied it is not sufficient to educate and train legal professionals but also to make those familiar with the rights provided and how to make use of them, who assist persons and groups affected by human rights violations like NGOs, trade unions and other civil society actors. Guidelines of how to use the CFR will be developed for these target groups and for the wider public. The guidelines will inlcude easy-to-understand information about the rights guaranteed by the CFR and practical guidance for their application in practise and will be published in English, German, Italian, Polish and Croatian. A series of seminars and round tables in project partner countries (AT, IT, PL, HR) will serve to raise awareness and knowledge about the CFR. The seminars will contribute to capacity building of NGOs and trade unions in how to include CFR rights in their legal assistance work. The round table discussions aim at reaching a wider public and at making it familiar with the concepts of CFR rights and their applicability.  


4. International conference on the application of the CFR A final conference in Rome will serve to sum up all project findings and present those to practitioners in the field of human rights as well as to legal professionals more generally.