Closed & completed projects

Constitutional Project

In 2010, INPRIS completed the Constitutional Project, sponsored by the Batory Foundation.  We looked at three issues that we considered important for the strong position of the Constitutional Tribunal.

- How does the Constitutional Tribunal communicate with the public?

- How does the lawmaker (usually the Parliament) enforce the judgments handed down by the Constitutional Tribunal?

- What are the strengths and weaknesses in the official vetting process of candidates for the Constitutional Tribunal?

The result of the Constitutional Project is 3 reports and 3 sets of recommendations which we published and distribute for free on paper and on the Internet. We wrapped up the project with a seminar attended by several Justices of Constitutional Tribunal and the Supreme Court, key experts and high ranking officials of the Polish justice system.

Legal Think Tanks

We were looking at Polish and foreign think tanks in order to find out the proper ways for establishing and managing a successful legal think tank that can truly contribute to the society and influence the policies adopted by the lawmaker. The project is sponsored by the Trust for Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe.

INPRIS Water Negotiation Project

The project was a simulation of negotiations between Palestine and Israel on the distribution of shared water resources. Participants spent five months working in multidisciplinary teams composed of students from the faculty of law (University of Warsaw), and economy (Warsaw Business School).