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INPRIS and IUSTITIA in Białowieża

23 June 2018. We meet with judges for the last two seminars on the application of the Charter of Fundamental Rights.

After previous meetings in Kraków and Gdańsk regions, the last seminars are being organized by INPRIS in cooperation with Białystok chamber of the IUSTITIA Polish Judges Association.

Judges work on specific case studies, considering whether the Charter of Fundamental Rights is applicable to a given case, and whether and how the preliminary ruling question should be asked by the national court to the CJEU (and if the answer is positive, how should this question be formulated).

During the seminars in Białowieża, we attach particular importance to the asylum law, which is addressed by several case studies.

The seminars are attended by judges of district, regional and appellate courts as well as by the voivodship administrative court.

Seminars are held as a part of the international project "Judging the Charter" co-financed by the European Union and the Stefan Batory Foundation.