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Newest Annual Report of the Court Watch Poland Foundation Released

2 October 2013. The Court Watch Poland has released its third annual report, which summarizes the outcomes of the foundation’s citizen trial monitoring program over the past year. Among the attendees of the conference during which the report was released was INPRIS’ Lukasz Bojarski.

In the report, the authors present the results of the trial observation program and compare the findings of the past three years of their observation work with the results of previous studies. The authors reach the preliminary conclusion that their research and its presentation has a positive impact on many aspects of the work of the courts in Poland.

INPRIS has supported the activities of the Court Watch Poland Foundation since the Foundation’s establishment through the Monitoring of Justice program.  This cooperation has resulted, among other things, in the creation of the Library of Monitoring Justice, accessible at:

Further information may be found on the website of the Court Watch Poland Foundation: